Meet The Inglorious Pasterds


Michael Baysinger

Michael Baysinger is a lifetime citizen of the City of Mineral Water in the Hoosier State. 

Lives with 1 wife, 2 kids, 5 chickens, 4 dogs & anywhere between 2-9 cats.

Rainman of 90's christian culture. 

Star Wars fanatic. 

Watches too much tv. 

Owns a life-size Planet of the Apes head.

Plays a banjo when times get tough. 

Dreams of living simply. 

Certified Coffee Master. 

Michael was a worship leader for 10 years but quit the game before the game quit him. 

Find him on twitter: @mjbaysinger


Matt Polley

I smoke a pipe now in an attempt to suck some measure of coolness out of the universe, which has eluded me for years now. It also makes my beard and mustache smell good.

I’ve got a couple tattoos and most likely will have more by the time you read this.

I’ll probably also be 40 by the time you read this. I have no feelings about this either way.

I’d have a midlife crisis but it sounds like too much work to be honest.

I fix espresso machines for a living. If you pronounce it “ex”presso we will never be friends.

I used to be a youth minister and then I got fired (sorry: “asked to resign”). Long story. Not worth retelling. Listen to the podcast if you care that much. 

I’ve got a wife. I’ve got a couple boys. You can’t have any of them. 

I do a passible imitation of a guitar and harmonica player. I made a $120 playing a gig once. Bought some good scotch with it.

Oh, I like scotch a lot, too. And beer. You should send me some.

This podcast is a much needed outlet for all of us. We’re glad you enjoy them. I mean, I’m assuming you enjoy them. 

You should read Rob Bell, Richard Rohr, Peter Rollins, and Robert Capon.

Find him on twitter: @polleynamedmatt


Brad Polley

Brad is a Capricorn, which might mean something, but it probably doesn't. It might have something to do with a high sexiness quotient (editor's note: It totally does). He is an enjoyer of dark beers and a good Cavendish tobacco. Father of three children, and husband to a smart and lovely wife that is way too good for him. Brad travels around and fixes coffee equipment for a living and he loves it. He's also Matt and Michael's boss. This makes Brad happy.

Find him (sometimes) on twitter: @polleynamedbrad